Ever since the creation of this blog, one would notice that Mr. Book Wonder doesn't use a rating system in book reviews. But now, in order to have a more effective book review, I have decided to add a new category called SHELFABILITY--an original idea I borrowed from the Story Siren (which is now an inactive book blog). The books will be sorted into four kinds.


Books under this category are books that I greatly recommend and I highly praise or have given me an emotional and mental instability. These are books that should have a place in your shelves and should be held dearly.


Books under this category are books that provides just the right amount of satisfaction. These books could exceed expectations but not enough to leave you breathless or a long-lasting impression.


Books under this category are books that are considered as acceptable forms of reading, being equally likely or unlikely to be reread or acquire a place in your shelves.


Books under this category are books that I am unable to finish. But it's rarely I would label a book DNF as I am a tolerant and patient reader.


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